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Sea freight

Sea transportation in some cases has a lot of advantages over other types of cargo movement. The main advantage of this type of transportation is the absence of any restrictions on the weight, dimensions of the items being moved. What is important, international sea transportation of containers is as reliable and quite cheap as possible.

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International container shipping

Speaking of transportation by sea, it is impossible not to mention the aspect of complete safety of cargo positions. It is this type of goods movement that is recognized as the safest.
D2D Logistics organizes sea transportation from SEA, Africa, India, Europe, South and North America. 

Focusing on the highest international standards of cargo to any destination, thanks to the availability of capabilities such as:
– transportation agents in all major ports of the world, providing local delivery and handling of cargo;
– Consolidation of cargo for sea transportation, shipment in prefabricated containers;
– low rates for sea freight and related operations;
– minimum delivery times;
– flexible payment terms.

We carry out:
– Legal registration of commodity items (insurance, permits);
– Customs clearance, forwarding escort, cargo security;
– Delivery of cargoes of any nature, including oversized and hazardous goods, as well as cargoes requiring temperature control.
– Placement in warehouses in different countries, consolidation of prefabricated items, long-term storage.

The cost of services in our company “D2D Logistics”:

sea ​​freight 2We are ready to offer competitive prices for containerized sea transportation services. Optimal transit time and really favorable freight rates allow our clients to optimize their expenses by reducing the cost of delivered goods.

Specialists of our company will be pleased to answer all your questions and within 24 hours, from the moment of receiving your request, will prepare you a commercial offer for the provision of services for maritime transportation of goods.


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