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International multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation is an effective combination of different modes of transportation - road, rail, sea and air. This method allows you to quickly and economically deliver cargo to any part of the world, especially remote, where only one type of transportation is simply not doable.In order for such a transportation mechanism to be reliable and efficient, it requires maximum competence and coherence of actions of all participants in the process.


International multimodal transportation

International multimodal transportation 2Thanks to many years of experience, D2D Logistics has managed to organize clear work on multimodal transportation, anticipating possible difficulties in advance. Taking them into account, we plan the delivery process so that there are no delays and unnecessary costs during transportation.
Our specialists will develop the most convenient transportation scheme already at the planning stage. They will choose the most efficient combination of different modes of transportation, taking into account geographical conditions, carriers’ capabilities, flight schedules, peculiarities of customs legislation of the supplier and recipient countries.
The professional team’s comprehensive approach to the customer’s requirements allows us to:
– Develop individual transportation schemes for both intra-Russian and international cargo transportation, the most optimal in the ratio of reliability, time and cost of cargo delivery
– Carry out multimodal transportation of various cargoes by all types of transport, including: automobile, sea, rail and air transport.
– make possible door-to-door delivery of cargo.
We value our customers, so we strive to perform quality work, meeting deadlines and all the wishes of customers.

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