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Product certification and declaration

In order to sell goods, it is necessary to confirm their quality and safety. In this section we will tell you what types of certification are provided for in Russia, how the procedure is carried out and what documents are needed for registration.

Product certification — is a form of confirmation of compliance of goods with the requirements of national standards of the Russian Federation or technical regulations of the EAEU. Certification is carried out by accredited bodies in accordance with the provisions of the law on technical regulation.

Product certification and declaration

After the creation of the Customs Union, a unified certification system appeared. Profile regulations were developed which set out requirements for product safety and methods of control.

When a certificate of conformity is issued for products that fall within the scope of the regulations, an organization is entitled to sell goods in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Current types of certification in Russia

Along with the unified system of product certification there is the GOST R system. In this system, certificates and declarations are issued according to national standards. It is regulated by the provisions of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2425.

The system of technical regulation in the Russian Federation is built in such a way that there can be no double requirements to products.

If products are subject to mandatory certification under technical regulations, they cannot be subject to conformity assessment in the GOST R system. And vice versa. It is not necessary to obtain certificates separately in each system.

The law defines two mandatory forms of confirmation of conformity – certification and declaration of conformity.

What is the difference between product certification and declaration

A certificate of conformity and a declaration are two equivalent documents. They differ in their forms and the order of execution, but the essence is the same. Both documents confirm that the goods meet the approved requirements of the standard.

1. Certificates are issued in accredited bodies. Declarations are registered in the register by the enterprise itself through electronic signature. The basis for issuance is a test report.
2. In the case of mandatory certification, production analysis and inspection control are provided. A test report is issued and an on-site inspection of production is carried out. It is necessary to undergo annual inspection control. That is, it is necessary to conduct periodic testing of samples.

There are no such requirements in declaration. Declarations of conformity are issued for 5 years. Annual inspections are not necessary. It is issued only on the basis of a protocol.

How to determine whether a product is subject to mandatory certification

  1. We check Resolution No. 2425 of the Government of the Russian Federation. The annex to the decree contains two lists:

    – Products subject to certification.
    – Goods subject to declaration.

    If the products are reflected in one of the lists, then it is necessary to draw up the relevant document.

  2. We check whether products are subject to certification under technical regulations. There is no single list of such regulations. The regulations have been developed by segment. For example, if you produce clothing, then you are guided by TR CU 017. You check the relevant specialized normative that makes sense.

Simple way — send a request to our company and we will determine whether your goods need certification or declaration, organize sampling and submission of documents to certification authorities. To determine which of the certificates you need to issue, you will need to provide a description of the product and the area of application. This is our job, it is much easier for us to find a solution.


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