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We will prepare a full package of documents to pass customs control from any country

  • Customs clearance in one day in any port of the Russian Federation
  • prepare a package of documents for customs clearance
  • free of charge selection of the goods code and calculation of customs payments

Customs clearance

The movement of any cargo across the border is impossible without customs clearance. Only absolute knowledge of all the nuances of the paperwork will save you from problems such as long delays at the border.

Maximum quality and urgent processing of any cargo is guaranteed to our clients, thanks to:
– many years of experience in international transportation, including customs clearance;
– long-term cooperation with state authorities;
– regular study of changes in customs policies of different countries.
D2D Logistics provides competent full legal support of customs clearance of goods in the following cases:
– import/export of any goods, which are not prohibited by law, to/from the territory of the Russian Federation; beyond their borders and across the territories of all EU countries;
– delivery of goods even from the most remote territories and back all over the world.

Customs clearance services from D2D Logistics also include:

– acting on behalf of the client in customs authorities, including in complex disputable situations;
– preparation of a package of documents for registration of a customs cargo declaration, drafting of FEA contracts;
– a full range of import and export operations for all groups of goods;
– determination of the real customs value most favorable for the client;
– unloading and unloading of cargo at the temporary storage warehouse, storage.

To carry out customs clearance of cargo, it is necessary to undergo several rather labor-intensive procedures. First of all, before the international transportation of cargo is prepared a package of documents necessary to pass customs: declaration of customs value of the transported cargo, cargo customs declaration, customs value adjustments. These are the main documents for unhindered passage of the cargo through customs control. Cargoes transported across the border are classified according to TN VED, and the necessary condition is the presence of a certificate of conformity, sanitary-epidemiological conclusion for each cargo, as well as documents that confirm the authorization for transportation. Certain categories of cargo are not allowed to be transported across the border. After the documents have been issued, customs duty must be paid. The next stage is the clearance of the cargo, which is controlled by the transportation company.
Once all the necessary agreements and contracts have been signed, it is necessary to calculate the customs duties to be paid for the cargo. The final stage is the import, export or transit clearance procedure.
Working with customs authorities is very specific, and not every company has a specialist in customs clearance.
The main goal of customs clearance specialists is to reduce the client’s costs and the time required for the cargo to pass through the borders of some countries. Customers who decide to do the clearance on their own may face a lot of difficulties resulting in delayed delivery as well as unforeseen financial expenses. The fact is that for the registration of goods coming from other countries, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of foreign economic activity legislation. It, in its turn, is constantly changing and being supplemented with new clauses.
Customs clearance is a paid service, but these costs are very reasonable and well recouped, if you compare them with the monetary costs that often arise in international cargo transportation. Our specialists are able to cope with any (even the most non-standard) tasks, they are constantly improving their qualification level and keep track of all changes in legislation. The cost of customs services in each case is calculated individually, as the process of cargo transportation always involves a lot of formalities and conditions. Customs clearance of importation of any goods is a complex and non-standard task that requires the application of highly specialized knowledge. High-quality customs services, which can be provided by our specialists working in the field of foreign economic activity, is a guarantee of successful operation and realization of the imported cargo in the future.
Customs clearance largely depends on the chosen method of their transportation across the border and the type of transport on which the cargo is transported. Our specialists know all the nuances of this procedure, we have long been providing services related to customs clearance, and we are constantly developing and improving this area of activity in working with regular customers.
Our specialists provide services on declaration and customs clearance on the territory of the Russian Federation. Also, in the shortest possible time we issue all transport documents for each type of transport, certification of goods, confirmation of their compliance with state standards, transit permits, export declarations.

Cost of services in the company “D2D Logistics”»

Customs clearance costs depend on the nature of the cargo, the country of transit, the set of services provided, etc. Upon completion of the operation, our company will provide you with the entire package of documents confirming the legal import or export of goods.

CJSC D2D Logistics is the official representative of Bifrest in Novorossiysk.

(Certificate of inclusion in the Register of Customs Representatives No. 0097/00 dated 07.12.2010)


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