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Rail freight

is one of the cheapest types of cargo transportation available today. Railway tariffs for cargo transportation are affordable, and the efficiency of cargo delivery is high enough for rail transportation to take one of the leading places in the modern market of logistics services.The company "D2D Logistics", offers its services in the field of rail transportation in Russia. Taking advantage of our offer, you will be able to quickly and inexpensively perform rail freight transportation across Russia.

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Rail freight

Rail freight transportation market:
The modern rail freight transportation market is saturated with offers. At the same time, it must be said that the range of costs for the services of logistics companies can sometimes be quite large.
Undoubtedly, low tariffs for rail freight transportation attract the attention of potential customers, but this does not mean that you should trust your cargo to companies that offer suspiciously low prices. Since in the best case you risk violating the terms of fulfillment of the order, which may entail the payment of penalties for violation of terms of railroad transportation.
The company “D2D” carries out transportation of sea containers by rail transport for 3 years. The most profitable for the client rail transportation from the ports of the Far East to the Central region of Russia, from Novooossiysk to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. We also carry out rail shipments as part of a container train Novorossiysk-Moscow.
During this time we have proved ourselves as a reliable partner, timely and qualitatively fulfilling our obligations concerning transportation services. It should be noted that among our advantages are not only reliability in the implementation of cargo transportation by rail, but also a lot of additional services (insurance, escort, cargo security, etc.), allowing our customers to be fully confident in the quality of all work performed by specialists of the company.

Cost of rail freight transportation:

Railway freight transportation across Russia 2As we have already mentioned above, the cost of rail freight transportation is one of the lowest compared to other modes of transportation. And the economic advantage is especially noticeable in the case of transportation of large consignments of cargo over considerable distances.
You can find out the exact cost of freight transportation across Russia by rail by contacting the managers of the company “D2D Logistics” on the phones listed on our website.
Our company can guarantee:
– Minimum prices for railroad cargo transportation across Russia.
– Promptness of orders fulfillment.
– Control over the movement of cargo at each stage of its transportation.

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