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Road freight transportation

- is one of the most popular types of cargo transportation today. They provide an optimal combination of price and speed of goods delivery within the country.

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Road freight

The company “D2D Logistics”, working in the market of organization of automobile cargo transportation – is quality services in transportation of cargoes and cargoes in containers, including oversized and heavy cargoes in Russia.

We offer our customers:
– Low prices for cargo transportation by road transport
– The widest possible range of services, including insurance, escort and security during transportation of goods by road
– Guarantee of quality of all work, starting with loading and ending with delivery to the door.

Road freight transportation market:
Nowadays the Russian market of automobile cargo transportation is so saturated with offers that the problem becomes not the transportation of cargo, but the choice of a provider company. In this case, it is from the right choice largely depends on the timeliness of cargo delivery and the quality of services in general.
In order to correctly choose a company that provides cargo transportation by road, it is necessary not only to study the proposals, but also to listen to the opinion of regular customers of a particular logistics firm. In most cases, it is the clients who can provide you with comprehensive information about the quality of the organization of automobile cargo transportation.
D2D Logistics enjoys the trust of its clients and has a reputation of a reliable business partner that fulfills its obligations in the field of road transportation of cargo in the most accurate and timely manner.

Rules of cargo transportation by road:
Organization of cargo transportation by road transport has some peculiarities that distinguish it from the work of ensuring the delivery of goods by rail or air. Existing and legislatively approved now rules of road transportation of goods strictly regulate all work on loading, transportation and unloading of any goods. At the same time it should be noted that it is especially important to follow the rules of cargo transportation by road transport when delivering dangerous goods, as in case of violation of the regulations of work is very likely to harm human health or the environment.
Our company has extensive experience in the organization of cargo transportation by road. And regular acquaintance with changes in existing regulations, allows us to clearly comply with the technology of cargo transportation by road and carry out all work without violating the current legislation.
The scope of our activities includes not only the delivery of oversized cargo, but also:

Transportation of perishable goods by road transport:
The company’s fleet consists of vehicles of various types and capacity. There are refrigerators in it, which allow to carry out road transportation of cargoes across Russia, even if the cargo belongs to the category of “perishable goods”.Temperature controlled transportationThere is a wide category of cargoes that require special conditions of transportation. To a large extent, this includes perishable products – dairy, meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. Compliance with specific requirements for transportation is a very important factor, especially for long voyages on long-distance and international routes.One of the activities of the logistics company “D2D Logistics” is the transportation of perishable goods that require compliance with special temperature or humidity conditions.We offer our clients cargo transportation in cooling, heating or deep freezing mode by refrigerators and sea refrigeration containers from Africa, South America, SEA countries and across Russia, where it is possible to maintain the temperature from -25 to +25C.Having undertaken the duty of transportation of perishable goods, we will necessarily agree with you the best temperature conditions of transportation necessary for the safety of the cargo. Provision of this service is carried out in full compliance with current Russian and international rules and agreements, as well as with customs regulations.Any route of transportation carried out by us is promptly tracked, therefore we are ready to inform you about the location of your cargo at any time.
Road transportation of dangerous goods:
Transportation of dangerous goods by road is a rather complicated process, which not every logistics company undertakes to carry out. D2D Logistics, thanks to the high qualification of all employees and the availability of special equipment, is ready to fulfill even non-standard orders related to road freight transportation across Russia. At the same time, it should be noted that road transportation of dangerous goods is carried out in strict compliance with the current safety standards.
Road transportation of oversized cargoes:
Often the transportation of oversized cargo by road requires special equipment not only at the stage of transportation, but also during loading and unloading operations. That is why our services include door-to-door transportation of oversized cargoes by road. This service includes all works on loading of non-standard cargoes with the use of special equipment. And additionally it is worth noting that we perform and transportation of liquid cargo by road.– Transportation of oversized cargo by road transportOur company’s fleet of vehicles includes various vehicles that allow us to carry out both transportation of oversized cargo by road transport and delivery of heavy items. For example, for transportation of heavy cargoes by road we provide vehicles with load capacity of 50 tons.

Cost of cargo transportation by road:

Road freight transportation 2
Reasonable pricing policy pursued by the management of our company makes the cost of road transportation affordable not only to large corporations, but also to small companies or individuals. You can familiarize yourself with the tariffs for road freight transportation both on our website and by contacting the managers of the company.

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